Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about the Build Dakota program? Take a look at the FAQs below.

Application Process & Qualifications

Several workforce fields have been identified as high need in South Dakota, which means there is a shortage of skilled employees. The Build Dakota Scholarship was created to be a catalyst to help address this problem. By providing full scholarships and creating industry partnerships, Build Dakota can get more skilled scholars into the state’s workforce. Build Dakota Scholars receive a free education, businesses gain employees, and South Dakota grows. We all win!

A student must:

  • Be accepted into a Build Dakota Scholarship eligible program at one of the four South Dakota technical colleges.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or U.S. national (Must meet citizenship eligibility requirements according to the federal financial aid regulations).
  • Complete the FREE Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Please note that individuals at all income levels are encouraged to apply. The program does not specify a threshold of need; this is one component of the selection process.
  • Applications are also reviewed for demonstrated work-readiness skills such as internships or work experiences, technical coursework and industry certifications.

You will agree to:

  • Enroll full-time in Build Dakota Scholarship-eligible program at a South Dakota technical college (Lake Area Technical College, Mitchell Technical College, Southeast Technical College, or Western Dakota Technical College).
  • Following graduation, work full-time in South Dakota in the field of study for a minimum of three years.
  • Maintain a 2.5 cumulative grade point average.
  • Complete the program on time. Diploma programs typically require 1 to 1.5 years to complete and AAS degree programs require two years.
  • Industry requirements, if applicable. Industry partner scholars must also accept the matching industry partner’s additional commitments.
  • Adhere to the technical college's attendance policy.

Students are considered full-time if they take sufficient classes to graduate in the allotted time. Please check with your technical college regarding questions about your individual circumstances.

The 2021-2022 application will be open from January 1, 2021, through March 31, 2021.

No. However, you are welcome to contact the technical colleges to explore other possible funding sources such as the Department of Labor’s workforce training programs or other scholarships available at the technical colleges.

You must apply for and be accepted in one of the scholarship approved programs at a South Dakota technical college in order to apply. Because the Build Dakota Scholarship is offering scholarships in a wide-range of industries, submitting additional information outlined on the application is optional, but adds to the value of your application. The application allows you to share your academic and work experiences. Just as in a job application, use the scholarship application to demonstrate your experience and skill in the program area for which you apply.

Each technical college is responsible for recipient selection in their eligible programs. As such, each school has specific selection criteria based on the needs and availability of their programs and students. Considerations are given, but not limited to:

  • GPA
  • Industry Partnerships (Please see the next paragraph.)
  • Work Experience
  • High School CTE Experience
  • Awards and Certifications
  • Financial Need
  • Program Availability/Capacity

Because Build Dakota was created in response to a workforce need in South Dakota, businesses are working closely with the scholarship program to offer as many scholarships as possible and train skilled professionals for high demand careers. Some employers pay for a portion of the scholarship expenses and the Build Dakota Scholarship pays the balance. This extends the employers’ training dollars and they gain skilled employees. Please call the technical colleges or Build Dakota program manager to learn more about this exciting program.

If you are selected for a Build Dakota Scholarship, you will be notified by the technical college with further instruction on how to complete the acceptance process. All applicants will be notified before July 31, 2021.

Yes. The technical colleges may select and award recipients throughout the school year from the applications received from January through March. Remember to complete the correct FAFSA for the award year in which you will begin your enrollment. Because so many technical programs are cohort-based, spring and summer term starts may not be available. Check with the technical college for further information.

No. The Build Dakota Scholarship is only for students not currently enrolled in a SD technical college and starting a NEW program at one of these schools. Beginning a new program is classified as starting in the first semester of a program. Contact your technical college for questions regarding your specific situation.

This depends on your individual circumstances. If you currently have a degree in a field that has not been designated as high-need, and you wish to get a degree in a high-need area, you may qualify for this scholarship. If you currently have a degree in a high-need field and wish to move to a different high-need field, you may not qualify, please contact your technical college so they can review your specific situation.

No. At this time, the scholarship program supports approximately 300-400 scholarships per year. Based on applicant submissions from previous years, approximately one-third of the applicants will receive an award. Build Dakota has partnered with the Department of Labor and Regulation to connect applicants to additional funding and employment resources. This information can be found on the Build Dakota website. We also recommend you contact your technical college for additional funding options and industry partnership opportunities.

There is not a minimum GPA that applicants must have, but GPA is considered in the selection process. Work experience and career preparation courses are important, too. The scholarship application has optional forms to allow applicants to demonstrate capabilities in addition to GPA. Scholarship recipients will be required to maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA.

You may apply for a program at more than one technical college, however, you may be awarded only one scholarship in the eligible programs in which you have been accepted. If you intend on applying at more than one technical college, you will have to visit the website of each technical college and create separate applications.

No. You must submit a program application and be accepted to an eligible technical college program before you can apply for the Build Dakota Scholarship.

The Build Dakota Administrative Board, SD Technical Colleges, and Department of Education have worked closely with the Department of Labor and Regulation to determine which industry areas have the highest need for skilled professionals in South Dakota. The full eligible program list can be found on the Build Dakota website and is evaluated each year.

Entering a program with credits that apply toward graduation will not prevent you from receiving a Build Dakota Scholarship. We recommend you contact your technical college regarding your specific circumstances.

This is considered a disqualifying event; feel free to apply once the default has been made current.

Expenses & Financial Aid

Yes. The FAFSA is part of the Build Dakota Scholarship application. It is beneficial to complete the FAFSA as you may be eligible for grants that can be used for living expenses. The FAFSA should be completed every year you are in school.

Pell Grants do not affect the amount awarded for Build Dakota Scholarships and can be used for living expenses while attending school.

Please contact the financial aid office at your technical college with questions for further details regarding your individual situation.

Yes, however, because there are certain regulations tied to certain types of funds, it is recommended you contact the technical college financial aid department for questions regarding your individual situation.

The Build Dakota Scholarship covers any expenses directly related to program requirements. This includes tuition, fees, books, laptops, equipment and tools. These purchases must be required by the technical institute program. If a student wishes to purchase additional or optional equipment, books, or tools, it is at his or her own expense. The Build Dakota Scholarship does not pay for any housing or living expenses.

Contact your technical college for further details.

If the remedial or preparatory courses are required prior to the start of a Build Dakota eligible program, they are covered by the scholarship, but the need for these courses must be determined and recommended by the technical college. You will not be reimbursed for any courses completed prior to acceptance into the Build Dakota Scholarship program.

Yes. Any cost for fees associated with testing out of classes will be paid by Build Dakota.

No. Any cost for failed and repeated classes must be paid by the student.

Awarded / In-School Status

Program completion dates will be indicated in Scholarship Acceptance Agreements. If Build Dakota Scholars experience truly extenuating life circumstances that result in their education taking longer than anticipated, they must contact the technical college. These situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis and ongoing communication is highly encouraged. As a general rule, diploma programs take one year to complete and degree programs can be completed in two years.

No. The Build Dakota Scholarship will only be available during your attendance at the school that issued your award.

Since personal situations and classes vary, we recommend you contact your technical college for questions regarding your specific circumstance.

Technical colleges may offer one probationary or self-pay semester, but this is not guaranteed. Contact your technical college staff regarding any questions on your continued eligibility.

Debt Conversion

If any of your tools, books, or other materials can be resold as new, you will not be required to repay those expenses. If they have been used, you will keep them and be required to repay any expenses paid on your behalf.

All scholars have the right to request an appeal by the technical institutes. Requests must be submitted within the 10 days following the date the scholar was notified of the decision to convert the scholarship to a debt. Contact the technical institute for more information regarding an appeal.

If a student does not complete the terms of his or her contract, it will be converted to an interest bearing debt and the funds allocated for that student will be used to provide a scholarship to a new scholar.

Scholarships converted to loans through June 30, 2025, will have a 4% annual interest rate.

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All scholars have the right to request an appeal by the technical institutes. Requests must be submitted within the 10 days following the date the scholar was notified of the decision to convert the scholarship to a debt. Contact the technical institute or Build Dakota program manager for more information regarding an appeal.

After Graduation

The Build Dakota administrative staff will conduct yearly employment verification with Build Dakota Scholars, the SD Department of Labor and Regulation and the employers of Build Dakota scholars.

The Build Dakota administrative staff will visit each technical college to meet with Build Dakota scholars prior to graduation to make sure graduates understand how to comply with the employment requirements. It is the responsibility of the scholar to make sure they attend this meeting.

Scholars have 6 months after graduation to begin and report employment.

Self-employment will be approved in some circumstances; however, the scholar must be prepared to submit legal documentation of self-employment on a full-time basis.

Scholars must work in the exact field of the Build Dakota sponsored degree.

Build Dakota Scholarship programs have been specifically chosen to fill high-need areas in South Dakota and open positions usually exceed the number of applicants. The technical colleges have very high placement rates so most scholars will be employed prior to graduation. The Build Dakota website has a list of industry partners looking to employ skilled scholars. The Department of Labor offices are also remarkable resources for helping job seekers secure employment. A list of local offices can be found here:

The requirements of the work commitment are outlined in the student agreement. If the scholar does not complete the terms of the agreement, the scholarship will convert to an interest bearing debt. If the scholar completes a portion of the work commitment the scholarship payback amount will be pro-rated based on the amount of time worked.