About the Schools

South Dakota is home to four top technical colleges that provide an affordable, faster, more flexible path to your future. Get to know them a little better.

Southeast Tech offers more than 70 pathways to today’s most innovative fields. Here, you’ll find career-focused two-year programs that prepare you with the skills you need to jumpstart your career in high-need industries.
Sioux Falls, SD
At Mitchell Tech, students learn and perform in settings that mirror real-world workplaces. In two years or less, you’ll understand the complexities of your chosen field and have the hands-on experience to get started.
Mitchell, SD
Lake Area Tech offers small, interactive classes, new technology and cutting-edge programs to prepare students for the current workforce demands. Learn by doing and work with the most advanced equipment in your field of study.
Watertown, SD
Western Dakota Tech—the only technical college in the western South Dakota region—offers programs in some of the fastest-growing fields and industries. Through internships and industry partners, students graduate ready to make an immediate impact.
Rapid City, SD

Prepare for Your Future

Have questions about preparing a résumé? Don’t know what industry is right for you? Want to compare wages for different jobs? The South Dakota Department of Labor has the tools and resources you need to feel confident in your future.

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For Students

There’s more than one path to a high-paying career. And one South Dakota scholarship is making that path even more inviting. With the Build Dakota Scholarship, you can earn a full-ride scholarship at  one of four South Dakota technical colleges. That’s a two-year degree and a ticket to a rewarding career. Don’t wait for your future. Start building it today.

Build Your Future: Program Handout (PDF)

For Industry Partners

Build Dakota partners with businesses in South Dakota that specialize in high-needs fields. To earn the Build Dakota Scholarship, which is a full-ride scholarship for technical students, recipients commit to work in their chosen field in South Dakota for three years following graduation.

Build Your Workforce: Industry Contact Handout (PDF)

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Job Assistance Tools

The South Dakota Department of Labor has the tools and resources you need to feel confident in your future.


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Annual Report

This comprehensive annual report explains the ins and outs of the Build Dakota Scholarship Fund and its long-term impact throughout South Dakota.