Agriculture Degrees

Students who have a degree in the agricultural sciences qualify for a variety of careers, and opportunities are abundant in South Dakota. If you love using your hands and working with nature, a career in the agricultural industry could be right for you.

Agricultural experts are a necessity in areas like feed and equipment manufacturing, food processors and distributors, livestock breeding associations and food research. Formal training in animal sciences could even provide a solid foundation for a career in veterinary medicine.

Eligible Programs

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All Agriculture Scholarships Require an Industry Partner.

Lake Area Technical College 

  • Agriculture: Agri-Production Option – 2-Year Program, AAS Degree
  • Agriculture: Dairy Option – 2-Year Program, AAS Degree
  • Agriculture: Precision Technology – 2-Year Program, AAS Degree

Mitchell Technical College 

  • Agronomy – 2-Year Program, AAS Degree
  • Precision Ag Technology – 2-Year Program, AAS Degree


Southeast Technical College 

  • Horticulture – 2-Year Program, AAS Degree
  • Sports Turf Management – 2-Year Program, AAS Degree

Western Dakota Technical College

  • Environmental Engineering: Controlled Environment Agriculture – 2-Year Program, AAS Degree
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Additional Programs


A degree in agriculture can take you just about anywhere in the industry. You can work inside or outside doing anything from teaching and research to working with animals.


For people who enjoy cars, working with their hands and solving problems, a career as an automotive technician can really drive your future.

Building Trades / Construction

A degree or certification in the construction trades can lead to employment as a construction manager, cost estimator or building inspector.

Energy Technicians

Careers waiting for you include renewable energy technician, wind turbine installer, solar electricity system installer and more.

Engineering Technicians

Engineering technicians can work in several specialized areas, including electrical and electronics engineering or civil engineering.

Healthcare / Public Service

Technical colleges offer a variety of healthcare and public service-related programs including Nursing, Paramedics, Law Enforcement Science and Radiology Technicians.

Information Technology / Computer Information Systems

Focus on utilizing technology to help businesses run as efficiently as possible.

Precision Manufacturing

Precision machinists may work in the computer, automotive, agriculture or other industries—including manufacturing plants, machine shops and inspection organizations.


Welders specialize in fabricating products by joining together materials like steel, brass and aluminum. Welding skills can be applied to manufacturing, construction, creative arts and more.



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